1. Fixed Gear Only

2. Brakes allowed, but wont be able to win series points.

3. Must finish to receive points, mechanicals are a exception 

4. Series leaders determined by following points system:

   PLACES          POINTS

                    1ST                              6

               2ND                             5

               3RD                             4

               4TH                             3

               5TH                             2

               6TH                             1

5. Every race you enter and finish, you gain a point in hopes of catching up to the series leaders.

6. Must be at city final to claim your victory 


7. Starting grid is determined by your city standings, i.e if you finished 3rd in your city standings you start in the 3rd row.

8. If racer isn't present for the final then next racer from the same city takes their place, i.e if 3rd place isn't present 4th place takes the position